Asya ENTERPRISES Establishment was established in 2002 and is considered one of the best pioneering institutions in importing all types of conveyor belts for equipment, crushers and all types of rubber sheets.


May the Vision of  Asya Enterprises for Trading  always correspond with the requirements and the aspirations of discerning customers; who use our products and services all over the world; but was overtaken, and despite the limited resources that were available at the beginning of the establishment of the institution; insisted managers institution with a clear vision and strong in the composition of the working principles to serve customers in the best possible way.   

Asya enterprise was established in 2002 and founded on the principle of work God’s law and truthfulness in dealing with others, whether they are customers or employees without a waiver of continuously update the quality of products and services offered, The principles of the institution was always makes it superior to its competitors as the institution through its close link discerning customers, the institution has been able today – with the help of Team Member- That fly high with our customers in the twenty-first century and challenging, sticking with the same distinct vision of excellent performance and a continuous and steady expansion, and strongly connected to the principles of the founder of those principles that have become the body and the soul of Asya Enterprises for  Trading .


  • Our message

    To make passion a motivation while solidifying our relationship and trusting its brand

  • Our philosophy

    For us, success is more than just statistics. It expresses our enthusiasm and passion for excellence. We work through our organization to define and implement best practices at the level of trade in the region and to create market standards comparable to international standards.
    We also believe in long-term business relationships that are based on shared goals, ethical business practices, and the shared thought behind providing all that is unique.

  • rate us

    Integrity: We are honest with ourselves and in our interactions with others
    Quality: We aim to provide the best and achieve the best, we offer an experience that deserves to be said excellent
    Reliability: We keep our promises and will always find you next to you
    Diversity: We embrace the concept of change and respect differences of opinion